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Accountability Groups are a great way to keep your business moving forward.

Merging my love of motivating people and my extensive project management skills I now run an 8-week accountability program.
Did you know that according to the American Society of Training and Development, if you add a specific accountability meeting to your calendar you are 95% more likely to achieve your goal? Yes, really.

This group is for women entrepreneurs who are monetizing their business and have a desire for momentum, growth and more profit. Please find some details of the program below.

Read what Mary’s Client has to say about The Accountability Group!

Working with Mary is a MUST! She somehow manages to be a cheerleader and a taskmaster all at once.

I was getting my business started again after taking years off to work a full-time corporate job, and Mary really helped me get all sorts of systems in place to make my day-to-day operations run smoothly. She also encouraged me to identify business goals, which is something I previously couldn’t clear my mind enough to do since I was so bogged down by the day-to-day.

In addition to being a great sounding board, Mary had a bunch of interactive worksheets for scheduling and finances that I am still using now. Tons of actionable content!

I’m so very glad Mary helped me get my business legs underneath me!

Rosie Colosi

Owner, Write with Rosie

Do these statements sound familiar?

I set goals but never seem to meet them.

When I had my corporate job I was great at meeting deadlines. Now that I’m working for myself I set deadlines, but find it difficult to stick to them!


I feel so overwhelmed and I don't know what to do next!

I feel like there is so much to do and I’m drowning. I try to tackle everything, but it seems that I end up not accomplishing anything.


I feel like I'm putting out fires all day.

I jump from one urgent thing to the next and it feels very reactive instead of proactive. I’d like to be proactive so that I can feel more accomplished.


Everyone else seems to have it together. Why don't I?

I see all the pretty pictures on Instagram and feel like my business is such a mess. They make it look so easy and I am struggling.


Everything seems to take so much longer than it should!

I set out to do a task and it takes longer than I thought it would. I always feel like I’m behind and don’t know how to keep up.


I'm doing so much work, but not seeing financial growth in my business.

I’m busy all the time, but I’m not making money. I don’t know what I need to do to change that.

My Accountability Groups will remove those familiar sounding statements!

Tell me more about the Accountability Group Program

Accountability Groups

  •      8-week program with 1.5 hr weekly video conference meetings via Zoom
  •      Guaranteed progress in your business to reach your goals. Using my project management tools, group discussions, goal tracking and motivation (from yours truly!) you’ll see the success you are looking for to grow and move your business forward.
  •      30 minute 1:1 session at the start of the accountability group to discuss your business strategy, goals and tools we will be using during the program
  •      A project management board template configured for your business that can be used to track your progress during the program – yours to keep when the program ends!
  •      A forum to discuss your business goals, bring questions, seek feedback from group members and take action while holding team members and yourself accountable
  •      A private Facebook group to ask questions and stay connected with your group between meetings
  •      30 minute 1:1 closeout session to discuss your progress during the program and the next steps in your business

Next Steps: if you are interested in joining my Accountability Group please sign up to get on the waitlist and be notified when the next group opens up.

Investment: $475 USD

Women Entrepreneurs Have This to say About Mary!

I’m grateful to be part of The Transitions Collective Membership Community. “Community” is exactly what it feels like. Mary’s leadership approach is the perfect balance between professional and informal, totally real, and fun. Meaningful connection and frequent contact online and in-person with female business allies prevent me from feeling isolated. If I have a question or problem I’m struggling with, I turn here for guidance. If I have a success I’m excited to share, I turn here to celebrate. Advice I’ve heard in this group ranges across topics from developing big picture business strategies, to the latest software programs I should use to run my businesses more efficiently, to juggling mom-life with business-life. In addition to the invaluable support and insights I receive from this group of inspiring women, I also feel really energized and fulfilled by helping them build their businesses in return. The Transitions Collective Members Community shows that when women lift each other up instead of competing against each other, we can all be more successful and enjoy the journey together!

Cynthia Link

Founder, Link Research & Insights

Mary has built an incredible community of female entrepreneurs. She is quite skilled at connecting people and has a large network of professionals with whom she regularly works. Mary is extremely knowledgeable about tools and tricks to build a business and has a unique way of motivating others, even when they are struggling in their businesses. She is very kind and sympathetic and a great listener. I really enjoy working with Mary and I highly recommend her accountability group.

Jamie B. Lieberman

Partner, Hashtag Legal LLC

The Transitions Collective has not only given me a sense of community but an immediate support of like-minded women that I could not live without.  The positivity and generosity of its members truly is what keeps me going on my toughest days. Mary, is an organized, thoughtful, wise leader and its seen through the culture of the group. She’s taught me to think about things differently to grow my business, but also has given me tips and tricks to ease my daily workload. I can’t recommend the group enough!

Stephanie Manganelli

Co-Founder, Stowaway Collection Maternity

You also get….


Be Clear on Your Goals - EVERY WEEK!

Get clear on your goals, set up a plan and execute! You’ll gain and keep momentum in your business and see the changes you’re looking for.

Learn from others, gain a Business Bestie!

Connecting with other like minded women can be a game changer for you and your business. Build relationships and share ideas to help you move forward.

Get Laser Focused and Stay on Track!

Know your why and keep focused on your goals to make the biggest impact in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions – Accountability Groups

How long is the Accountability Group program?

The program runs for 8 weeks.

What will I get from the program?

This program will give you the structure, goal setting and organization that you need to move your business forward. It includes a weekly meeting via Zoom, a personalized project management board, a secret Facebook group to connect with your group outside of the weekly meeting, and more!

What if I’m not happy with the program? Can I get a refund?

If you aren’t happy with the program you can get a full refund up to 4 weeks into it and a 50% refund after 4 weeks.

I’m not sure if an accountability group is right for me. What should I do?

Not sure if an accountability group is right for you? That’s ok! Let’s set up a time to talk and I will walk you through the options to see if it is a fit for you and your business. You can also check out my coaching services here.

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Chat with Me…

to discuss your business needs!
Let’s see if we are a fit for Accountability Groups, Coaching or Leadership & Team Building.
Or perhaps you are looking to be interviewed by me for my Women Entrepreneur Series?
Either way, drop me a line and let’s talk.

*You’ll also be added to the Transitions Collective’s mailing list to receive other great business building resources. We promise to send only great content (never spam!)