Episode 33: Staying Consistent in Your Business – Why It’s Important and How To Do It

Today's solo episode is all about consistency! I’ve always heard people say ‘consistency is key’ and always felt incredibly overwhelmed. I thought it meant that I had to do #allthethings and do them well all the time - blog, be on social media, use video, etc.It’s...

Episode 11: Overcoming Fear to Live the Life You Want

Are you trying to overcome fear and take your next step forward? Do you have something in your life that’s holding you back from your dreams? Are you scared to take the next step forward? Join me as I discuss fear and courage with life coach and professional skydiver,...

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Episode 10: How to Find Flexible Work as a Consultant

Are you searching for more flexible work? Listen up as Erin Halper, CEO of The Upside, shares her top tips for finding flexible work and becoming a consultant. She shares her journey and how consulting helped her find the flexible work that she was searching...

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