BTB06: Behind the Business with Lindsey Johnson

This week's Behind the Business is with Lindsey Johnson of Verity & Co. Go behind to scenes to learn Lindsey's top tips for systems, book recos and more in this bonus footage from The Transitions Collective interview!

Episode 25: Brand Strategy Basics for Your Business

The process of branding your business can be overwhelming. It is ok to go the DIY route depending on the stage you're at, but know that there are resources out there that can help.My latest interview with Lindsey Johnson, web designer and brand strategist at Verity...

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Episode 24: How to Get Started with Video in Your Business

Who knows video is taking off like a 🚀?And yet, it’s easy to talk yourself out of trying it. You think about all the things you may feel insecure about - whether it’s the sound of your voice or being in front of the camera. 🤔These are just excuses and there is no...

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BTB01: Behind the Business with Amber De La Garza

Learn what Amber's favorite business book is, her non-negotiable daily ritual, a favorite tool she uses for her business, her word of the year, and her favorite platform to interact with her audience in this bonus footage from The Transitions Collective...

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Episode 22: Coaching Through Career Transitions

What happens when you realize that your current career path isn't going how you wanted? Maybe you feel uninspired, burnt out, or overall disengaged from your everyday work life. If this sounds like you, today's interview may be very relatable!The process of changing...

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