Strategy Sessions for Women Entrepreneurs

Does the thought of change bring you feelings of overwhelm, stress or anxiety? It doesn’t have to! Having a strategy and a plan in place to execute against can put you in a much better place. That’s where I come in!

Strategy Sessions


If you’re going through a major change / transition in your life or business, let’s talk!

Do any of these ring true?

  • You want to leave your corporate job to build your own business, but you are too scared to pull the trigger?
  • You are changing your business structure such as splitting from a partnership or merging businesses together?
  • You are scaling your business and adding to your team, but are unsure of what resources will serve you best
  • You are trying to scale, but are feeling overwhelmed with data, systems, and processes

I help you strategize and plan for major changes/transitions in your business. Let’s talk!

Book a strategy session so you can:

  • Look at your change/transition both holistically and tactically
  • Determine what to implement to solve your problem and eliminate overwhelm
  • Know what you need to do next and execute against it
  • Move forward in your business to see the results you want

Transition Strategy Session

Providing strategy sessions for entrepreneurs undergoing various changes and transitions in their business: planning to exit corporate, implementing processes to streamline, scaling and adding team members, buying out a business partner, etc.

This package includes:

  • An assessment of current state / plan
  • I will create an exit strategy proposal with you based on your goals
  • A ‘data checkup’ evaluation and suggested plan
  • A summary strategy file is provided to take action upon and move forward
  • A recording of our Zoom call

Time: 60 minutes total via Zoom

Cost: $175


Enhanced Strategy Session:

This session also includes a Thinking Preferences (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) profile assessment and debrief incorporated into strategy.

  • client must take HBDI assessment at least 2 weeks before session
  • all of the other items listed above

Time: 90 minutes total via Zoom

Cost: $295


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