Leadership and Team Building for Women Entrepreneurs

How ‘Whole Brain Thinking’ Can Help Your Business

Leadership Development & Team Building


Your Entrepreneur Profile
Discovering and Leveraging Your Strengths

I am a certified practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®.  My years of leadership and team building skills will be put into play to work with women entrepreneurs and their teams to build stronger, more well-rounded businesses.

Leverage your strengths and build on your preferences to operate with Whole Brain® Thinking. This allows you to communicate more clearly and connect with partners, teams, customers in a deeper and more meaningful way.

This program is for individuals as well as partners (pairs of 2) and teams (3+ people). It includes a personality and profile assessment along with a debrief in the Whole Brain® Thinking model and action items for building the culture of your company. Pairs and teams also receive a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® team profile to better understand where the preferences lie within your team and how to work better together.

Individual HBDI assessment and debrief – includes one HBDI assessment and a one hour debrief (via video conference) on the tool and next steps you can take in your business.

To discuss pricing, please contact me.

Pair Leadership Development

For pairs – i.e. business partners, manager & employee

Pair HBDI assessment and debrief – includes two HBDI assessments, two – one hour debriefs (one with EACH individual), a specialized pair report and a one hour pair assessment debrief (via video conference)

To discuss pricing, please contact me.

TEAM HBDI Assessment and Debrief

For teams of 3+ people

Team HBDI assessment and debrief – customizable by team. Options include HBDI assessments for all team members; individual debriefs; a team debrief in the form of a workshop or full day session for the team to learn the Whole Brain thinking model. Potential focus areas for team building include leadership development, mindsets and behaviors, company culture and communication. These options are also customizable for video conference or in person workshops.

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Testimonials – HBDI Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions – HBDI Assessments

What are the benefits of leadership coaching and utilizing the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI)?

HBDI is a tool that allows you to better understand your preferred ways of thinking. Backed by research and a validated system, this tool along with Whole BrainⓇ Thinking methodology will improve your communication and strategy and allow you to more easily connect with others.

What will I get from the program?

This program is a benefit to individuals, pairs and teams. For individuals, you will receive a HBDI assessment and a personalized 1:1 debrief. For pairs, you will receive two HBDI assessments, two – one hour debriefs (one with EACH individual), a specialized pair report and a one hour pair assessment debrief (via video conference). There are many options for possible team workshops and assessments. Please contact me for more information.

What if I’m not happy with the program? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given after the assessments are taken.

I’m not sure if the leadership training option is the right fit for my team. What should I do?

Not sure of the best approach to take with your growing team? That’s ok! Let’s set up a time to talk and I will walk you through the options to see if it is a fit for you and your needs.

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