Scaling Your Business Panel – Part 2

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This panel event is all about scaling your business featuring mom entrepreneurs.

See below for information on each panelist and the second round of questions.

MARY CLAVIERES – Owner, Brief Transitions; Moderator

JAMIE LIEBERMAN – Founding Partner, Hashtag Legal & Businessese; Panelist

EMILY SANTAMORE – Founder & Creative Director, Rune NYC; Panelist

CHRISTINA DORANDO – Owner, Cresthill Academy; Panelist

CLEMENCE DANKO – Owner, CHOC•O•PAIN French Bakery & Café; Panelist

Panelist questions: Round 2

You know I love podcasts (and that I love your podcast). Why did you decide to start a podcast? Has it helped your business in ways that you expected?

As a part of your program, Cresthill Academy also provides an all organic meal plan including breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. With 5 locations, how many children is that you are feeding per day? So then, you are almost essentially in the food/catering business as well!? How did your organic meal program get started and how do you feed xxx children per day?

I see your bread available for purchase around town (I’m grateful that it’s at the Cheese Shop!) Was it always in your plan to sell wholesale to other stores? How did that come about?

Product based businesses have their own set of challenges – from sourcing to production to distribution and so on. What is the most important piece of advice you have for product based businesses?

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